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Natural cosmetics

Natural oils


Plant oils and essentials oils

Plant oils are oily substances obtained from different parts of plants. Plant oils considered as the most valuable are cold pressed ones. They are used for cooking as an excellent source of omega fatty acids, but they also serve as ingredients of cosmetic products.

Healing and caring properties of plant oils were already known in ancient times. In Egypt they were used to make aromatic body balm and ointments. They were also the basis of the first recipes for skin creams. Natural plant oils were applied to the skin to protect it against hot sun rays. Besides, they have been used for massages for many centuries.

Plant oils perfectly combine with essential oils, diluted in a carrier substance due to the fact that they are highly concentrated substances obtained from flowers, fruits, leaves and bark by means of cold pressing, distillation, extraction or with the use of other methods.

Both plant oils and essential oils have regenerating, moisturizing and rejuvenating properties. They prevent stretch marks, they speed up the wound healing process and they are helpful in fighting dermatomycosis, psoriasis and acne. Aromatic essential oils used for inhalations bring relief in cold symptoms. Moreover, they demonstrate excellent antidepressant effects – they can improve your mood, boost your energy and increase desire as aphrodisiacs.

Plant oils and essential oils are gifts of nature. As pure substances, free from synthetic admixtures, harmful parabens or other additives, they soothe the skin and help us remain vital and young.