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Natural cosmetics

Harika face oil


Rejuvenating power of magnolia

One of the Harika face oil components is rare and precious magnolia essential oil, which due to its moisturizing and rejuvenating properties has a beneficial impact on the delicate facial skin. The oil makes it supple, smooth, healthy-looking and glowing. The effects are visible already after several days of regular use. It is perfect for both young and mature skin. Magnolia regenerates tired and damaged tissues, which makes the skin firm and scares less visible. It’s not a coincidence that through the ages the plant has been used for cosmetic purposes by vital and stunningly beautiful Asian women. Among them are long-living, healthy and young-looking Chinese women. Their charm can be owed mainly to the use of natural methods based on traditional Chinese medicine, which promotes the role of natural ingredients and beneficial effect of nature. Therefore the Harika face oil contains organic magnolia of Chinese origin. It comes from organic farming and therefore it is a highest quality ingredient grown without the use of pesticides or fertilizers, which makes it environment-friendly.

Healthy and glowing skin

Owing to the unique combination of magnolia with sweet almond oil the effect of the Harika oil is intensified – not only does the almond oil make the skin moisturized and firm, but also strengthens the protective lipid barrier of the skin and prevents cell dehydration. Moreover, it is rich in natural ingredients, such as proteins, mineral salts as well as vitamins A, E, D and B-group vitamins.

Pure beauty

The Harika oil for face and neck is easily absorbed and it doesn’t leave an unpleasant greasy film on the skin. Its beautiful, subtle scent helps you chill out, relax and take a break after a long day. The product contains only natural ingredients therefore it is recommended for sensitive skin as well.