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Natural cosmetics

  • Harika - Perfectly moisturized and firm skin
  • Harika face oil - natural and eco-friendly ingredients only
  • Harika oil for spas and beauty salons



And what if… you retained your youth and resisted the passage of time, which mercilessly leaves its mark on your face and body?

Sounds impossible? Not necessarily.


To meet the expectations of millions of women who want to reset the ticking biological clock, we have created a series of natural cosmetic oils, which make the delicate skin smooth, supple, firm, young and -  what’s most important – healthy and glowing.


Owing to carefully selected natural ingredients the Harika highest-quality products are completely safe, they don’t make the skin dependent on chemicals, they help to keep the skin healthy and radiant andprotect itagainst air pollutants, strong wind conditions, solar radiation or frost.

An ideal solution for daily face care is magnolia oil. The innovative face oil is composed of natural ingredients only, which have rejuvenating properties. The high quality components make the skin improved very quickly if the oil is regularly used.

The skin becomes supple and smooth with less visible wrinkles.